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Al-Firdous fruits and vegetables trading is the leading distributors of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables in UAE. We are a global fruits and vegetables supplier that provides a variety of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. Since our establishment in 1988 in the Al Aweer Fruit and Vegetable Market, we have developed into a reputable provider of fresh produce.

We have a rich history in the fresh produce of fruits and vegetables. we have been providing farm fresh fruits and vegetables since 1988. Our focus is to provide wholesale vegetables To Abu Dhabi and Dubai Markets. Our goal is to offer top-notch fruits and vegetables that enhance people’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, we provide our customers freshly picked, incredibly nutrient-dense fruits that promote better health. Our mission is to offer nutritious, reasonably priced, and fresh items to conscientious customers.

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Chilly Red

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100 % Natural

Al-Firdous fruits and vegetables trading supplies only the real thing to our customers and we are dedicated to offering fresh and Healthy fruits and vegetables to our customers

Organic Products

All our products are fully certified organic, grown according to international standards, and packed in compostable and renewable packaging materials.


"Al-Firdous fruits and vegetables trading” has 3 Years of client service experience with deep knowledge and passion for agriculture, which stems from growing up quick Deals, They have a quick study of the All Agro Products, the customers and competitors, knows the right questions to ask and with the oversight on planning and analytics, they push the team to category-defining strategies and results driven plans.

Raelynn Allen

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